Blank optical glass sapphire window

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Systematic investigations of sapphire’s response to shock loading started a few years ago. Sapphire products may undergo shock loading in a number of applica-tion fields, such as protective windows of environmental detectors, aerospace appli-cations, and so forth. Individual data obtained on randomly chosen samples vary in result, but comparative analysis of the mechanical properties of different glasses and ceramics used as protective materials shows that sapphire is supe-rior to all known transparent materials and is on par with ceramic materials employed for protection against bullets and shell splinters.

Sapphire could be used as windows: phone screens; 2. lens; 3. fingerprint recognition; 4. Wearable equipment windows and so on, because of  its unique advantages including: high sensitivity, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, good chemical stability, and corrosion and deliquescence resistance.

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