Flat-faced Sapphire Window As Fingerprint Recognition

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Devices and their components applied in aviation and space industries, in chemi-cal processing, and in many other fields are simultaneously subjected to the action of aggressive media, radiation, high temperatures, pressures, and mechanical loads.

Under such extreme conditions any material is prone to intense corrosion and ero-sion. High-strength alloys have reached the practical limits of their capabilities. The structure of polycrystalline materials and consequently their mechanical properties essentially change under extreme conditions due to recrystallization, corrosion of the grain boundaries, and so forth The rate of diffusion via the grain boundaries grow with increasing temperature, radiation dose, and operation time. As a result, the material breaks down. Such drawbacks are inherent in sapphire components and assemblies to a considerably lesser extent.

Sapphire could be used as windows: 1.mobile phone screens; 2. lens; 3. fingerprint recognition; 4. Wearable equipment windows and so on, because of  its unique advantages including: high sensitivity, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, good chemical stability, and corrosion and deliquescence resistance.

Flat-faced Sapphire Window

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