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X-ray interferometers of the Fabry-Perot type at first contained silicon crystals as X-ray grids. Then a need arose for crystals possessing higher stability in a wide range of temperatures and pressures, so for this purpose sapphire was chosen. It should be expected that the creation of such interferometers will lead to the appear-ance of a new generation of optical X-ray devices such as filters, X-ray clocks, and most significantly a new method of the measurement of atomic scales (i.e., high-precision length standards) . The next step in this direction may be bound to the development of devices on the basis of synchrotron radiation. For this class of high-precision apparatus, grids (mirrors) made of dislocation-free sapphire are required.

X-ray monochromators using sapphire . For X-ray diffractometers (Cu– K α radiation) the planes (1014) and (0330) are used. High resolution is achieved with the plane (1456), for which 2 d = 1.660 Å.

Sapphire-based scintillators are promising for the registration of a - and g -particles, as well as low-energy X-rays, owing to their high mechanical and optical charac-teristics 

Although there are lots substrates which are regarded as potential materials to replace sapphire substrate, it is still dominated in the substrates (for GaN LED growth) market, because of its reasonable price and relatively low mismatch. Zhongju is capable of processing substrates according to customer needs. Currently, our sapphire substrate productions ranges from 2 to 12 inches with high quality and accurate orientation.

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