Transparent bright Sapphire Lens

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Sapphire shells for lamps, absorption cells, and filters of atomic (rubidium) frequency standards raise the characteristics of the devices: they diminish the rela-tive frequency change corresponding with the time of work and atmospheric pres-sure, decrease power consumption, and increase the mean time between failure of devices. Due to their high thermal conductivity, sapphire shells allow withdrawal of heat from laser elements made of materials with low thermal conductivity.

Transparent sapphire shells are able to protect Mo-heaters from oxidation or aggressive media . 

Although there are lots substrates which are regarded as potential materials to replace sapphire substrate, it is still dominated in the substrates (for GaN LED growth) market, because of its reasonable price and relatively low mismatch. Zhongju is capable of processing substrates according to customer needs. Currently, our sapphire substrate productions ranges from 2 to 12 inches with high quality and accurate orientation.

sapphire coated lens

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