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Shanxi Zhongju Jingke Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Zhongju) was established on March 18, 2016, the registered capital is 100 million Yuan and the registered address is: No. 2, Machinery Park, Jinzhong City Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone, Shanxi Province, with a land area of about 14 acres. Zho…



Customizable Size Sapphire Crystal

There are two classes of modern articles made of sapphire: constructional and functional. Constructional sapphire is used for the creation of products with high mechanical stabi…


Custom Sapphire Glass Window with AR

At present, the greater part of artificial sapphire is used as a functional material. However, extremely high production rates are predicted for constructional sapphire as well.…

High purity Other Sapphire Window Products

As shown by the last decade of the development of the sapphire industry and the corresponding application fields, interest in both constructional and functional sap-phire…

customized optical glass window sapphire glass windows

Here are several: • Sapphire is a multifunctional material • The raw material for sapphire production is readily available and cheap • As a rule, the techn…

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ShanXiZhongJuJingKe Semiconductor Co., Ltd

Contact Person: yang



Address: No.2, machinery park, huitong industrial park, jinzhong development zone, shanxi demonstration zone,Jinzhong,Shanxi

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