100kg High purity sapphire ingot

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In recent years, certain successes have been achieved in the understanding of crystal formation mechanisms, the morphological stability of the crystallization front, the role of impurities, thermal and concentration flows in the melt, and other factors that influence the formation of structural defects.

However, it is the establish-ment of the relation between the parameters of the real crystal article and the condi-tions of its attainment that remains the task of paramount importance in obtaining crystals possessing predetermined characteristics.

This task necessitates a detailed analysis of the raw material, crystal growth medium, heat and mass transfer at both the liquid–solid interface and in the bulk of these phases, as well as the processes of cooling of the crystals and their subsequent thermal and mechanical treatment.

Zhongju has break through the limitations of traditional crystals growth by Kyropoulos method, which is difficult to grow high-quality, large-size sapphire crystals. Currently 120kg high-quality sapphire crystals are produced stably, and the production capacity can satisfy the requirement of reliable supply. We have the ability to produce much larger crystal, if customer has corresponding request. The maximum diameter of substrate or components could reach up to 12 inches.

High purity sapphire ingot

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