Color Round Sapphire Window

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Sapphire cutters are used for high-quality and fine treatment of copper, alumi-num, and their alloys, as well as for nonmetallic materials. In comparison with their hard-alloy analogs, sapphire cutters provide better treatment accuracy and a higher class of surface finish at smooth feed. The sharpening angles of the cutting plate and the working conditions for one of the types of cutters .  Sapphire microcutters are used in microinstrument making. 

Sapphire could be used as windows: phone screens;

2. lens;

3. fingerprint recognition;

4. Wearable equipment windows and so on, because of  its unique advantages including: high sensitivity, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, good chemical stability, and corrosion and deliquescence resistance.

sapphire crytal window

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