100kg Clear sapphire ingot

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A zone scheme of an interactive system of traps has been proposed in the crystal, which includes a TL-active trap, a luminescence center, and a deep trap. One of the mechanisms responsible for the dose-characteristic linearity is the interactive coupling of the dosimetric and deep traps. Practical recommendations are proposed for raising the dosimeter efficiency.

They are based on the decrease in the trap interaction contribution to the formation of the TL dose dependence. Such a decrease can be achieved if the deep traps are either maximally filled or completely emptied in the process of high-dose measurements. Preliminary filling of the deep traps is provided by irradiation at a temperature higher than the temperature range of the dosimetric peak. The deep traps are emptied during the process of annealing at 1,000 K after each event of high-dose irradiation.

Zhongju has break through the limitations of traditional crystals growth by Kyropoulos method, which is difficult to grow high-quality, large-size sapphire crystals. Currently 120kg high-quality sapphire crystals are produced stably, and the production capacity can satisfy the requirement of reliable supply. We have the ability to produce much larger crystal, if customer has corresponding request. The maximum diameter of substrate or components could reach up to 12 inches.

Clear sapphire ingot

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