6inch Hard sapphire crystal bar

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Thermoluminescent detectors (TLDs) are made of sapphire,For dosimetry the TL peak at 440 К, which is associated with the liberation of holes captured by impurity ions and their recombination upon reaching the valence zone, is used. The value of the peak depends on the degree of anionic nonstoichi-ometry, which can increase up to 10 17 vacancy/cm 3 under the influence of reducing and annealing medium as well as doping by some elements.

Ingot Sapphire is the main substrate material for LED lighting chips. Due to its reasonable cost and performance advantages, it accounts for up to 90% of all kinds of LED lighting substrates. Zhongju is capable of processing substrates according to customer needs. With 100% accurately maked exclusion areas, it allows us to help downstream industry to reduce cutting costs efficiently. Currently, our sapphire ingot productions ranges from 2 to 12 inches with high quality.

Hard sapphire crystal bar

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