Big Optical Margin Sapphire Glass Window

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Ni crystal(yellow sapphire or “oriental topaz”) can reversibly acquire a smoky hue depending on the annealing medium. The color of ruby becomes more intense with the transition of chromium of different valences into trivalent chromium. The sapphires with too dark a blue color can be brightened by heating until some part of the Ti–Fe complexes decom-pose. The color of spotted stones may become more homogeneous due to diffusion processes.

Thermochemical treatment allows changes in the color of crystal surface layer. The results of thermochemical treatment of pink sapphires from Vietnamese depos-its and of artificial leucosapphires are . Pink sapphires (~0.01% of Cr) were heated in an atmosphere of saturated Co vapors at 1,270–1,470 К. The spectra of the obtained samples were compared with the absorption spectrum of natural blue sapphire in the visible region.

Although there are lots substrates which are regarded as potential materials to replace sapphire substrate, it is still dominated in the substrates (for GaN LED growth) market, because of its reasonable price and relatively low mismatch. Zhongju is capable of processing substrates according to customer needs. Currently, our sapphire substrate productions ranges from 2 to 12 inches with high quality and accurate orientation.

optical grade sapphire window

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