Without a scratch Wearable Sapphire Window Device

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The accuracy of scales depends on the sharpness of the prisms on which the levels balance. Nowadays, sapphire prisms with a vertex angle of 35° are produced for scales.

Wear-resistant sapphire elements are unrivaled. The automated lines meant for the production of machine components automatically control dimensions by means of probes. The contacting sections of such probes are made of sapphire or ruby shaped as spheres, hemispheres, cones, or cylinders.

High-wear resistance must be a characteristic of wire die. Therefore, for changing the diameter of gold, aluminum, or silver wire sapphire and ruby wire die are used. 

Although there are lots substrates which are regarded as potential materials to replace sapphire substrate, it is still dominated in the substrates (for GaN LED growth) market, because of its reasonable price and relatively low mismatch. Zhongju is capable of processing substrates according to customer needs. Currently, our sapphire substrate productions ranges from 2 to 12 inches with high quality and accurate orientation.

8 inches Sapphire Window

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